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Welcome to the Digital Ark On-Boarding Experience. 

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Learn How To Invest in    CryptoCurrency

Just like the traditional stock market, cryptocurrency has a market cycle. Blockchains run 24/7 with 0 downtimes which provide investors an opportunity to invest at any time if the day, night, weekend, or holiday. Our team can show you the basic fundamentals of investing and trading your new asset.

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Learn Crypto Staking

As a new investor in this booming industry and technology, there are ways to earn more by staking to grow your assets. Cryptocurrency blockchains have a distributed consensus called Proof of Stake.  As an investor, you can delegate your tokens to a pool to be used for mining or validate block transactions. Which in return the network provides you a percentage of your delegated stake, so the more you stake the more you earn.  

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Learn Assets Security

Securing your assets for the long term has been a core standard to the cryptocurrency. Industry terms like “Back Up Your Wallet” and ” Store Your Private Keys” without providing details can be confusing and misleading. We can show the process and guide you through the best practices.

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Digital Ark Packages

Trezor One + Digital ARK Services

Trezor One + Digital ARK Services

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Trezor Model T + Digital ARK Services

Digital Ark Consulting Service

Digital Ark Consulting Service

On Boarding Experience

On Boarding Experience

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Dave Patterson

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