AI Solutions

D.CYPHER: AI Solutions

The AI solution division of Digital Ark Services. This division provides businesses and individuals with artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions, services, and products.

D.CYPHER aims to create a closed-loop system where human insight is constantly fed into the ethos, generating value back into the ecosystem. This way, the solutions provide a sustainable and regenerative way of generating utility from human insight.

Insight.IQ : AI-powered Executive Assistant

Welcome to Insight.IQ, your AI-powered Executive Assistant tool, built for daily users, community organizers, and team managers to capture valuable data during virtual meetings.

The ability to streamline communication, produce clear action items, summarize for quick reading, review accomplishments, and track attendance, has become a growing need in virtual meeting environments.

Insight.IQ seeks to enhance the virtual meeting experience by capturing key content during a meeting and render all contextual insights to their respective dashboard views, and distribute a report to participants.

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