About DAP


We envision a world where as many people as possible are empowered to invest their time or money into an ecosystem that solves problems using the Cardano protocol.


Our mission is to mobilize everyone to utilize their capital (time, money, knowledge, influence) to expand the development of society, through a unique experience of co-contribution that facilitates adoption of the Cardano protocol, reveals new possibilities, and ignites the public imagination worldwide.

At DAP we are centering our attention on ideas that make the world a better place. We envision the achievement of such a success inside all of you...

There are many ways to align the frequency of a personal passion to the frequency of the mass so that they resonate. One of our passions is to teach and educate others on how to be successful in pursuing their own passion.

Many of us have been confronted with challenges that felt impossible to overcome, but with better understanding and connection to the core principles, any challenge can be overcome, and not just overcome but benefit from the challenge;


This is an aspect I am challenged to integrate into all my decisions. Building something that can thrive when being challenged, I believe this is what society does best, overcomes trials and tribulations using time and iterations as its weapon.

From Humble Beginnings...

Through a long journey of trading, investing, mistakes, and triumphs, founder Dave Patterson has merged the technical aspects of crypto management with the education and understanding to empower his friends, family, and neighbors to take control of their finances. After years of personal interest and study, he is passionate that each individual, regardless of social status, should have the opportunity to explore financial freedom without the constraints of markets.

Founding Team


Dave Patterson

Through a long journey of trading, investing, mistakes, and triumphs, founder Dave Patterson has merged the technical aspects of crypto management with the education and understanding to empower his friends, family, and neighbors to take control of their finances. After years of personal interest and study, he is passionate that each individual, regardless of social status, should have the opportunity to explore financial freedom without the constraints of markets. I started investigating crypto in 2012 after reading about Bitcoin. After doing my own research and reading blog and forum posts, I still was missing the big picture. I didn’t understand why we needed to reform our monetary system, or how Crypto played a role in financial freedom. I started to study money overall; how it was created, moved, and used throughout the world

What is your Passion?




Curtis Myers

I am here to combine my passions, missions, and experiences to provide myself a "reason for being", and if that provides direction for others to also find theirs, all the better!

I am not known for being very outspoken or vocal in groups. But I believe in reaching out to the goals you set forth, and helping others achieve theirs. For this reason I do speak out, for this cause I do dream to be brave and go into the unknown (uncomfortable) zone. You can find all you want about me through the socials found here in our links, I have no alias, I come to you openly. 'Digital Ark' has given me a reason to be focused in my passions. And a platform to give back for all the opportunities and experiences I have been given.

"Growth is the Collective expansion. Creating a space for dreams and passions to evolve, that is an admirable goal."

What is your Passion?

Learning and encouraging curiosity of the universe. I am fascinated by how nature works and it synchronicities. Stay hungry for understanding.

Investor Trader

Richard Copper

What brought me into crypto was Dave, and all the hype around it sold me. I would say I was transitioning into an intermediate trader at the time but never any crypto. It wasn’t until Dave being one who has traded before, expressed his interest and reasons for investing in crypto, specifically Cardano, that I slowly started to realize what was going on around me in the world, the economy, and the market. It was a perfect time when I think back on it. Since then I have been aware of what crypto can do for individuals as well as a collective.

“Think of opportunity as the air that you breathe.”

What is your Passion?

My passion is in numbers, trading, more so the overall study of the ever-evolving world at large and how it expresses itself in markets.

Jr Developer

Jaiyeola Demilade

After discovering crypto-currency and blockchain technology in 2016, I took a keen interest into programmable blockchain technology and all it's resources and functionalities as it is mind-blowing how blockchain reshapes not just the World Wide Web but how we understand money and value and how we invest, store and transfer valuable assets. Blockchain technology provides unique mechanisms for conducting business practices', data ownership and data management and utility without interfacing with government entities and third party institutes.

I discovered Cardano's unique blockchain technology in 2021 and after doing research on IOHK's development approach on Cardano found it to be the ideal and evolutionary infrastructure for building and establishing a truly decentralized future that is secure, scalable, flexible and interoperable with other blockchain technologies and legacy systems.

What is your Passion?

As a software developer, I'm passionate about building blockchain-based solutions and technologies that re-modify how the world works and how we live our lives.

Investor Trader

Jose Santiago

I found out about Cardano ADA about 3 years ago. Then a good friend showed me the Cardano roadmap. I explored the Cardano eco system and found a lot of great things with many great projects. A couple of the things that I really like is the low transaction fees, $handle, Virturl Wallets, Gaming, Meme Coins, Dex liquidity etc. It just keeps growing. I am very passionate about the whole growing of Cardano ADA.

What is your Passion?


Public Speaking Process Development Sales

Robbie Law

Over the past 20 years, Robbie Law has spent his career focusing on Communication, Sales Training, Sales Messaging, Team Building, Management, Leadership, Coaching and Public Speaking. As a Public Speaker, he’s given over 5,000 live events in all fifty states, sharing positive messages formulated to propel people to the next level in their life.

Mindset Lifestyle Business

Michael Peluso

Michael Peluso is a lifetime entrepreneur and Health Practitioner. He is the Founder of True Living and CEO of Joinocity a marketing and sales technology platform. 

Michael’s life work involves the study of simplifying complex principles into easy-to-implement systems for personal and business transformation.  He serves as a keynote speaker and a powerful advocate for mindset and lifestyle habit systems that results in increased business growth and life satisfaction. His coaching program has revitalized organizations in every industry and touched the lives of executives around the world.

Inspired By


Gimbalabs builds technical, educational, and community infrastructure for people who want to show the world what Cardano can do. We believe that people learn best by doing things. If you've been looking for an entry point into how you can participate in Cardano, we think you might find it here.

Gimbalabs has provided strong foundational teaching skills that are priceless when it comes to educating people with a motive and incentive to want to learn more. Many aspects in our education model come from the minds at Gimbalabs.

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Snapbrillia is an inclusive hiring system that creates fair opportunities and empowers your teams to hire the best people faster regardless of who they are. We provide diversity analytics and an unbiased hiring platform for enterprise businesses and fast-growing startups.

We at Snapbrillia provide a space for people to grow their skills and participate in building the open-source web and other public goods and be invited to participate in exclusive projects.


At ADAO, we never stop thinking about decentralization. Our tools are designed to empower the community and promote decentralization throughout the ecosystem. We know that decentralization is a process, but we believe in the power of what we can accomplish if we work together.

With our combined efforts, organizations will be able to govern themselves in new ways and incentivize members for contributions, while staying connected globally, any time, any day. This allows for open, fair ways to participate and be heard that suit your group's needs, whenever and wherever. The decentralized communities you form using the tools that we build will ultimately be the greatest measure of our success.


Leveraging Cardano blockchain and staking mechanism to track charities' donation usage, provide transparency to increase the public's trust, donate to promote philanthropy, and reward delegators with prizes.

These are necessary tools to provide transparency of Charity Foundations and incentivize altruistic motivations.


Clarity is an ecosystem that enabled decentralized innovation by providing the tools and resources necessary to enable organizations to build and operate DAOs and related systems so that they can become more impactful, decentralized, and exponential. By providing comprehensive technical infrastructure, tailored incubation, and interactive knowledge building ecosystem products, the ecosystem accelerates the discovery of innovation and progress for decentralized organizations within the Ecosystem.

Littlefish Foundation

Littlefish Foundation is a decentralized, global organization building technologies that align individual actions towards common goals. 

We use blockchain technology to redefine earning relationships between people, work, and organizations, enabling a new model of operation that grants more freedom to participants, while making sure that freedom results in progress towards the goals of the whole.

Forming Regenerative Abundant Ecosystems

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