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Our specialty is to help potential investors get started in the new industry of Cryptocurrency. We provide a simple step-by-step approach in a one-on-one educational environment. Our mission is to guide, educate, and support new investors. As well as provide new ADA holders the opportunity to earn a reliable source of passive income while increasing the security of the Cardano blockchain.

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Why Invest in Crypto and Blockchain?

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Cardano can provide an alternative to the traditional stock market, banking system, and data storage.

This new asset market has a proven track record of giving investors record-setting profit returns. Just bitcoin alone has a year to date gain of 111.62%, which has outperformed Gold, Silver, a large majority of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and 401k. The Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains industry is still in its early stages, with a market capitalization of just Billions compared to the Trillions in the stock market, there are plenty of opportunities to make some serious profits.  

There are many cryptocurrencies that are designed to be a safe haven asset like gold or silver but unlike precious metals, these cryptocurrencies have a limited supply that can be tracked and accounted for from the start of the blockchain. These assets can provide an individual the ability to fully manage themselves  “Be Their Own Bank” and not carry debt within the system because these systems were created without debt. Blockchains are live 24/7 and are accessible around the world which means the cryptocurrencies that power these blockchains can be traded and used as a method of payment at any time, anywhere in the world, with internet access.






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Investing Education

We offer consulting and education packages for new and existing investors.

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How Blockchain Works

An explanation of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be complicated and confusing. We are here to simplify the industry and educate you, let’s start with a video below.  

How Staking Works

The traditional Bitcoin Proof of Work vs New Proof of  Stake explained. Investing in both blockchain technology is a wise decision, but ones has long term benefits for both the user and the investor.    


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