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Welcome to Digital Ark Pool, where we believe everyone can contribute. It is cultural by stating that community is open to a good idea no matter where it comes from and whether or not we had a short term or a long term relationship with the individual that contributed. This is the definition of decentralized community.

We specialize in blockchain guidance while deriving inspirations from principles like Ikigai. We offer to bridge the gap between the solutions that blockchain offers and the businesses or community that need them. Blockchain empowers many efforts that just could not sustain without that level of transparency and technology.

If your looking to build a DAO, build your own impactful solution to a problem, invest into an accelerator program, become a web3 developer, align your goals with your passions, participate in a true form of open voting, or simply looking to further your knowledge of Cryptocurrency, we are building out a step-by-step approach in a educational environment so you can begin your journey!


Digital Ark

"A journey is to be taken by the individual, whereas an adventure is to be shared."

With the right technologies, the right social rules of engagement, along with the proper network interfaces it is possible to build the best of all worlds with real forward progress that generates momentum.

How do we use this medium to articulate the social agreement among the community so that the conversations are profitable, so that we can voice our differences and compromise?

With the presence of people that have a skill and time, we have a group of people that have knowledge and characteristics that would allow them to participate. Now you have a network that makes finding those people and talking to them trivially easy and at 0 marginal cost. This means that large collaborative projects are now possible in a way that have not been in over a century.

If you have a good culture underneath the piece of technology you can accomplish anything. The culture of the users matters just as much to the long term viability of the technology as does the value of any given iteration of the technology itself.

"With our combined efforts, organizations will be able to govern themselves in new ways and incentivize members for contributions, while staying connected globally, any time, any day. This allows for open, fair ways to participate and be heard that suit your group's needs, whenever and wherever. The decentralized communities you form using the tools that we build will ultimately be the greatest measure of our success." - ADAO

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